Aluminum Fences are great for use around your property and around pools and always add a great classy look to your  property. Wrought Iron offers strength and a classic look. In many cases Wrought Iron is used for railing around steps and sloped areas.

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Chain-link fences are a type of woven fence usually made from galvanized or Vinyl Coated Steel Wire. This fence offers a less expensive, durable, long lasting barrier to your property.

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We love to help families improve their home and property. Our company offers all aspects home improvement. We can power wash your siding or refinish your basement. We offer services like indoor house painting and many aspects of masonry including walkways and retaining walls. We pride ourselves that no job is ever too small, and if we can not do the job you need we will help you find someone who can.  Some of our services include Painting, Masonry, Carpentry, Kitchen/Bath, Tile/Grout, Power Washing, Floors, Rubbish Removal, and all General Contracting Needs.

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 Stockade fences feature closely-spaced pickets which generally blocks most viewing into your yard. Spaced "Picket" Fences are common and allow the yard to have a barrier when complete privacy is not an issue. This is offered in PVC, Spruce Wood, & Cedar Wood.

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Privac​​​​​​y & Semi-Private

Privacy fences are designed to conceal your yard from neighbors and passersby and may also lend a decorative element to your landscape. There are many different styles of privacy fences which are offered in both Cedar and PVC.

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